Purple People Eater

When the Purple People Eater came to me it was sitting on 33's with 3.5" coil springs and 2" coil spacers with rubicon express short arms.

The plan was to add Rockkrawler 7" coils 35's and longarms. After we mounted the 35's for test fitting we realized we could make the current amount of lift work with 35's. This just made it so we would have to trim a little more.

Currently the Jeep is sitting on 35's with the total 5.5" lift and liberal trimming around the front tires minimal around the rears.

Follow each of the links next to the description to read all about the processes, issues, and successes we had.

Photo Gallery
(all photos from the build)

Purple People Eater when it first arrived at the RockModified Ranch.

Cross Member

The first part of the project involved making a new cross member and control arm mounts. Since ZJ's are a unibody design, we decided it was a good idea to integrate frame stiffeners into the design.

Front Control Arm Mounts

After the cross member was done. The next step was to build new control arm mounts. We started at the front since I felt it would take more work to make it right.

Cross member with control arm mounts ready for paint and install.

Test Run

When we completed the front suspension, we decided instead of doing the rear we wanted to go try it out. For this we took a weekend and headed to Rausch Creek Offroad Park in Pennsylvania.

Click here for the pictures from the first run.

Body Mounts

During the initial planning phase, we both decided to do whatever we needed to to keep the bottom of the jeep as smooth and as high as possible. We decided that we wanted to mount the rear lower arms on the outside of the frame. Since the control arm mounts where now going to be where the body mount used to be, things had to change.

Stock body mount before replacement.

Rear Triangulated Four Link

After spending a season or two testing the front suspension. We finally got around to getting back into completing the rear suspension. We decided that a triangulated four link would work best for him.

Triangulated four link.

Test Run

Alright, so we haven't made it on the break in run yet. Here are some pictures ramp pictures to keep you entertained.

Click here for the pictures of the latest testing.


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