by Matt Long

It took 2.5 months to build it from frame to trail. Keith Story, Jake Long and I did all the work. The "outside" tubing is all D.O.M 1.75 x .125 wall. The rest in welded seam 1.75 x .120 wall. The front lower links are 1.25 x .120 inside 1.5 x .120 wall the uppers are just 1.25 x .120. The passenger side has a closeable door to allow the driver see the passenger side tire from his seat when going slow, close it so the passenger doesn't get pelted when going fast. It began life as a 1983 CJ-7. The only unmodified part left is the transmission and clutch. I was chief painter and did my best jailbird impression, I ran. Rustolium supplied the paint and K-mart gave me 50% off, going out business isn't all bad.

2002 Juggy ( Yes I named it before JP Magazine did.) 1989 YJ frame narrowed 2" front 4" rear

258 inline 6 with Holly pro-jection

T-5 tranny 4-1 lst gear

Dana 300 twin stick 4-1 gears

Scout Dana 44 front, Warn alloy shafts, CTM U-joints, ARB locker, 4.56, rotated knuckles, shaved

Scout Dana 44 rear, Warn alloy shafts, Full Float, Disc Brakes, 4.56

Five link Coil front using 3" XJ coils

Four link double shackle leaf rear using 1.5" Rancho YJ leafs, redrilled centering hole

35" MTR's (37" soon)

71" track width

52" body width- 9" narrower than a CJ-7

22" underbelly clearance with 35's

101.5" wheelbase

3200 lbs. ready to wheel, Fuel and tools

School bus door

Flat belly pan flush with frame rails

ARB compressor

Optima Red top

School Bus door -see photo #3

Tilt wheel

Warn 8000 lb. winch with in cab control

Custom aluminum body panels, dash and top Rattle can paint

Removable floor board for easy tranny, transfer case access

12 gallon fuel cell


Beard seats

3" lap belts

RS 9000x shocks

AGR steering box

7" junkyard steel wheels

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