Lane's "Yamahammer"

by Lane Romero

General Spec:

Make: Yamaha

Model: Kodiak

Engine: 400CC

Tranny: Dual range H/L 5 spd w/ reverse

AfterMarket Modifications:

Highlifter Lift Kit, K&N jet kit and air filter, Supertrapp Exhaust, 26" Interco TSL Vampires, 1500# Superwinch

I've been riding quads for the past 6 years now. Throughout the years I have seen bikes come along way with relation to engine size, ground clearance and general technology within them. I have always been a Yamaha fan and currently own 2 of them. The one I will showcase is my oldest and most used. Granted my bike isn't like most have seen  with snorkel intake and exhausts, but it has held it's own with any challenge that I have faced with it.

When I bought the bike back in 1996, the guy was selling for the sole reason that the new grizzly (600cc at the time) was coming out and he wanted the biggest he could have.  The only modifications to the bike at the time we 25" Interco TSL/ATV tires on it. Within the next month of having the bike, I had 26" Vampires all around, HighLifter lift kit and a 1500# Superwinch mounted on the front bumper. I choose to go with skinny front and wide rear combo for the general trail riding we do here in the southern gulf coast of Louisiana.

Roughly about a month following the tires, lift and winch, I was on the phone with Scott at HighLifter products ordering their "HL Performance Kit." This consisted of a K&N carb jet kit, K&N air filer, Supertrapp exhaust muffler and a hotter NGK spark plug. Day after ordering, UPS delivered the packages and I was anxious to get working.

Seven years later and a total of 1498 miles on the odometer, this ATV is still performing strong and has outlived some of the newer quads that came about in our ATV club.


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