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Motoman's 1973 Ford Bronco
It's funny the different roads your life takes as you move through time. I originally got the 4 wheeling bug with my first car. A 1973 Ford Maverick. To this day, I still think I got more air jumpin the Maverick, then I ever have with the Bronco. I was brutal on that car. My next serious adventure in wheeling was a 1985 Toyota 4x4. Had a great 10 years with that rig. Back in 1991 I was looking for something fun to drive, it had to be an automatic (At the time I had two stick shift cars in Phoenix traffic), since it had to be an automatic, I would only put a V8 in front of it, and I wanted it to be convertible.

On the way to work every morning I stared at this old Bronco in a farmer's field. I had left notes on the door many times trying to get the owner to sell it. After doing this for a year, I saw a for sale sign on the truck. I immediately pulled in and paid him $1500 cash for the truck, top, doors, cage kit and some other odds and ends that filled the bed of my truck.

The kid that had owned it was playing down at the river bottom, when a flash flood came through and hit the truck and flipped it three times and it sat under water for 8 hours till the water level went down far enough that they could get out to it. With it's own winch it pulled itself to shore and then he parked it in the field for two years.

The motor, tranny, t-case and axles had to be completely gone through. I decided soon after that to spruce up the looks and get it painted too. Let not forget the interior too! What a job. Took me about 9 months to get it re-assembled.
* Motor: Factory 302 CID, Edelbrock Carb, Intake, Cam
* Transmission: Factory C-4, shift kit
* Transfer case: Dana 20 T-handle
* Axles: Posi-trak, 4:10 gears
* Shocks: Dual RS5000 all around
* Roll Cage: Smittybuilt full cage
* Tires: 33" BFG All-terrains
* Seats: 1980s vintage Conquest TSI
* Carpet: K Bar S Gray
* Body: Nissan gray, fiberglass front clip, door inserts
* Winch: 1973 Warn M8000
For years I drove the Bronco in this configuration. It was a blast pre-running the desert, playing in the dunes and trail blazing the back country of Arizona. About four years ago, a friend of mine took me "Rock Crawling" for the first time! I thought it was a blast. I went home and took a close look at the Bronco to see what mods would have to be done to make it a capable "Rock Crawler"

First was a body trim and armor put on to protect the body. I fabricated custom rock rails, rear bumper, spare tire carrier, 9" skid plate, fuel tank and purchased a front winch bumper.
I installed lockers front and rear, put a 5.5" suspension lift, 2" body lift, 36" tires and wheels, changed the gearing to 4:88s, put coolers and fans on the power steering and transmission.
Now the stats read:

* Motor: Factory 302 CID, Reversed Q-jet Carb, Edelbrock Intake and Cam, MSD ignition, K&N filter
* Transmission: Factory C-4, shift kit
* Transfer case: Dana 20 T-handle
* Axles: BB 9", Moser Axles, lockright, D44, Wild Horse Extreme axles, Warn Premium hubs, lockright
* Shocks: RS9000 singles, with shock hoops
* Roll Cage: Smittybuilt full cage
* Tires: 36" Swamper TSL/SX, rock crawler rims
* Seats: 1980s vintage Conquest TSI
* Carpet: Worn out K Bar S Gray carpet
* Body: Faded Nissan gray, fiberglass front clip, door inserts
* Winch: HS9500i with synthetic rope
* Lighting: 2 KC Highlights, sealed, 2 Lightforce adjustable beam lights, antenna lights, and rock lights.

The rock crawling bug has really bitten me! I have ventured all over Arizona, Moab, and So. California in search of the ultimate rocks. I hope to get many more years out of my truck. Future plans include some sort of fuel injections, moser front axles with CTM joints, Detroit in the rear, and maybe paint again. Well, that's about it ..... enjoy the pics! Oh yea, more information, trips, tech, and other stuff at www.emotoman.com